Term & Condition

Understanding our Terms & Conditions is crucial before you start your quest to optimize your PC using CCleaner. To offer a seamless and secure experience for all of our clients, we priorities openness at CCleaner, created by Perform, and attempt to provide an unambiguous description of our rules.

1. Acceptance of Terms:

You accept to adhere when to our terms and conditions by downloading, installing, or using CCleaner. We advise against using the software once you disagree that any section of this agreement.

2. Privacy Policy:

The Privacy Policy for CCleaner describes the ways we gather, use, while safeguard customer information. We are devoted to protecting your privacy and will handle your private details with the highest secrecy.

3. Use of the Software:

CCleaner is only meant to be used for private, non-profit uses. Users have no right to give away, change, or hack into the software absent the necessary permission.

4. License Agreement:

CCleaner isn't being bought; it is enabled. A non-exclusive, non-refundable concession is given to customers so they can use the software solely in accordance with the rules laid out.

5. Automatic Updates:

CCleaner provides regular updates for either the greatest safety and performance. Consumers are asked to update their software frequently in order to take advantage of fixes for bugs while enhancements.

6. Limitation of Liability:

Although CCleaner works hard to deliver reliable services, we cannot promise that the software product will remain faultless or satisfy every need of users. People use the applications at their own risk as well as discretion.

7. Dispute Resolution:

Clients consent to give up the ability to take part in a class action lawsuit and accept that any issues related to their usage of CCleaner will have to be settled though arbitrate.

8. Age Requirement:

For access to CCleaner, someone must be at least 18 years old or have parental or regulatory approval.


Your may guarantee a satisfying and safe time using CCleaner by knowing and agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. They are dedicated to offering effective PC performance services along upholding customer confidentiality and the right to speech. Our support staff is here to help we if you're experiencing any inquiries or problems. With CCleaner, you can confidently clean your PC and benefit from a more streamlined desktop environment.


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