The system optimization programmed CCleaner, created by Perform, is reputable and well-liked plus is well-known for its cleaning and privacy-protecting features. About CCleaner, you hold ourselves to upholding a strict code of conduct that protects the security highly privacy for our customers whilst delivering efficient and reliable services.

1. Privacy Protection:

We acknowledge how crucial security for users is. Only the user's information necessary for bettering the functioning of the product along with the services is collected by CCleaner. We don't keep any private statistics, and customer data is handled using the highest secrecy.

2. Data Security:

Industry-standard safety measures are used by CCleaner to protect client information from damage, theft, and abuse. For the purpose of staying ahead of potential threats and weaknesses, our staff frequently refreshes safety processes.

3. Opt-Out Options:

Customers are allowed to manage their personal data. using the help of CCleaner, individuals can control their information collection choices using simple-to-access refuse choices.

4. Regular Updates:

CCleaner routinely provides upgrades containing issue repairs, enhancements, along with fresh capabilities to guarantee maximum efficiency and safety. For the greatest expertise, consumers are advised to keep their CCleaner software updated.

5. Transparent Communication:

Open communication is important to us at CCleaner. To build respect between customers, we are transparent and upfront about our policies, data usage, and company practices.

6. Compliance with Regulations:

To preserve customer rights as well as confidentiality, CCleaner conforms to pertinent privacy and security laws, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Convention).

7. Support and Feedback:

We appreciate user input and work hard to immediately resolve any questions or issues. Clients can get help from our committed support staff without any problems their might run into.


The guiding principles of CCleaner's policy include upholding customer privacy, giving safety of data top priority, and delivering a solid, effective solution. While we strive to develop and enhance our offerings, we are dedicated to upholding the confidence and happiness of our customers. Come and experience the power of a clean and fast PC along thousands of other happy CCleaner fans.


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